Sustainable development is a notion that refers to the changes humankind needs to make to be able to continue living in a fair and healthy world, without negatively affecting it’s environment.

Being sustainable will allow humans of this generation to meet their present needs without preventing the future generations of meeting theirs.


Why is it so important?

Sustainable development is essential if we want to save our planet. Humans have not reduced waste and pollution and this has resulted in climate change.

Scientists believe that we have less than 10 years to save the earth. So how can companies become sustainable?

What are the benefits to becoming a green office?

Sustainability is no longer a trend but a necessity. More and more companies are now making the decision to devote their resources to working towards a greener, more sustainable future.

These roles not only benefit the planet but also the brand itself.

Not only does it give a good image to the company, but it has also been proven to have positive effects on productivity, increasing staff well-being. In a sustainable office, employees seem to be happier and more motivated.

Being sustainable can also provide an opportunity to save money, consuming less energy.

How we help you become more sustainable.

FIVE can help you reduce your carbon footprint, by providing the following:

Materials produced by UK manufacturers.

We try to limit our carbon footprint by sourcing products and materials for our projects locally and more importantly from within the UK. This not only helps with the impact on our environment but reduces lead times on our procurement.

Daylight lighting control system.

The lighting systems we provide can adjust the output of each fitting according to the natural lighting available. The system operates via integrated daylight sensors. For example lights closer to windows or south facing elevations, lights will be dimmed using less energy than lights in darker areas further within the building.

LED lighting.

We utilise LED lighting technology for two key factors, their longevity and low energy consumption. Their standard rated life is estimated to be between 15 to 25 years compared with standard lights ranging from 1 to 3 years only.

The energy consumption of an LED light fitting compared to a traditional fitting with the same lumen output is approximately 75% lower. This very quickly covers the cost of replacing the lighting while reducing the impact from day one on the environment.

Sustainable Mechanical System.

Heating and air conditioning systems consume large amounts of energy during operation. A well designed system, for example making use of heat recovery in the winter can make a huge difference on energy and fuel costs. Recovered heat can be used to pre-heat fresh air coming into the building reducing the strain on the heating system.

Sustainable suppliers.

At FIVE we partner with suppliers that like us, take sustainability seriously. We source products and materials that not have recycled content but when they coe to the end of their life, can be recycled responsibly for the next generation. have r

FIVE have recently completed a 300+ workplace for PRA Health Sciences where the final project returned 98% recyclability across the total furniture supplied by FIVE.


Referring to the connection humans have with nature, biophilia plays a big role in staff wellbeing but also sustainability. That is the reason why we implement biophilic design in all offices we build and design.

The natural elements we introduce into our designs, bring colour & texture into the workplace. These elements come from renewable sources, whether artificial or real and have a fantastic and positive impact on the staff.

If you want to know more about the benefits of biophilia and how we implement it, make sure to read our blog on Importance of Biophilic Design in the workplace.