Staff well-being is going to be a hot topic of 2018 with designs that aim to facilitate interpersonal relationships between colleagues and actively promote social atmospheres, collaboration and a sense of community. Overall staff well-being will promote ergonomic seating, sit-stand desking, flexible spaces, office greenery and increase the use of breakout areas whilst retaining dedicated working zones for concentration and focus.

This year we’ll see a continuation of the flatter hierarchical office, further reduction of management offices with greater integration between staff.  As with 2017 we’ll see the open plan office branch into mini-hubs with acoustic divisions that provide greater communication within departments. 2018 will also bring an increase in the unconventional, agile working environment, with dynamic spaces that engage staff, drive collaboration and inspire creativity.

The focus on providing correct acoustic solutions is likely to increase this year as end-users have a greater awareness of how the wrong acoustic environments can impact on their staff concentration, well-being, and overall productivity. This will result in the A&D market providing design solutions that balance sound absorption, sound blocking and sound masking to generate the ideal holistic working environment from day one.

Colour trends of 2018 will see rich, intense purples as Pantone announce ultra violet “a provocative and thoughtful purple shade” as their colour of the year.

Technology advancements in virtual and augmented reality will slowly be making their way into our workplaces. VR and AR will transform the traditional client pitch and mundane meeting, creating new ways to connect, communicate, develop ideas and collaborate.

2018 is an exciting time to be a designer and I look forward to working with my team to create innovative solutions that respond to the needs of our clients along with the evolving landscape of workplace interiors. We aim to push the boundaries, creating environments that promote well-being whilst exciting and inspiring the workforce.